Aerial & Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) operations available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days
a year anywhere in the world.

In the increasingly important area of International security we believe that prevention is much better than cure, especially in a complex environment where incidents can be very expensive, financially and also from a human perspective.

Prevention involves a number of aspects, but cannot work without a state-of-the-art high quality cost effective operation combining; the gathering, analysing, and relaying of intelligence leading to appropriate and effective action.

Non Negotiables

right first time
no mistakes
air and maritime
mission and base
real time and informative
Highest standards
best practice
proprietary analytic methodologies
military heritage in approach
latest technology
solution oriented
one system
National security

Group One has the ability to monitor all potential threats to sovereign nations by patrolling all borders; land, sea and littoral, both day and night.

Our operations gather, analyse, process and initiate the appropriate response
to real-time data about all traffic in the area of interest.

This enables an effective and proportional response to protection of borders.

We apply:

  • Proprietary methodologies for data collection, analysis, attribution and storage
  • Real-time, digital reporting supplemented
    by expert interpretation and commentary, including historical and regional perspective
  • Aerial and Maritime surveillance and reconnaissance operations available 24 hours
    a day, 365 days a year
  • The provision of fully equipped Aerial ISR aircraft suitable for both day and night time operation
  • Aircraft to be staffed by highly experienced
    ex-military pilot, co-pilot and sensor operator/technician
  • The provision of fully equipped patrol vessels
    up to 55 metres length and equipped with
    a heli-deck, available to intersect and investigate surface targets 24 hours a day
  • Air and maritime crews are supported on
    the ground by highly experienced operational commanders
  • Fully operational, land-based ISR Communications Centre responsible for integrating Aerial and Maritime ISR activities, analysing, attributing and storing all ISR data using our proprietary methodologies and coordinating with local military command
  • Service can be fully implemented and operational within two months
    of signature of contract